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Ocean OneOther than having some integration with Lightroom problems I cannot tell you how valuable Topaz Simplify has been for my processing workflow. The results I get out of the Buz Sim presets are just amazing.

Now I do have to tell you that I use my own preset 99% of the time and it’s pretty simple. I zero out all the sliders and the only slider I adjust is the Simplify Size slider and I set that at .13. That’s it! Just like many of these software programs the adjustments to any of the sliders work best with minimal settings. Now certainly this is a matter of personal opinion but for me it works best with that approach.

So, all the Simplify users out there, try my suggestion and post the results. Would love to hear your opinions, maybe even some of your favorite settings.

Processed in Photomatix (many moons ago) and most recently in Topaz Simplify with the Simplify Size setting at .13


7 thoughts on “My Go To Software…

  1. The dramatic clouds and the bit of yellow building really add to this wonderful nautical photo. I enjoy this theme as it is so different from what I see around this part of the country. Have noted your Simplify settings and will give it a try. I have the program but haven’t used it very often.

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