Sea Legs Without Being At Sea….


_MG_0737It’s possible…. we spend much of Saturday touring West Chester University with my daughter for an accepted students day. By the time we got back to the car we felt like sea legs had set in from much walking so we decided to spend the night in Philly. It had been quite some time since our last visit so we luckily got a room at the Hyatt in Penns Landing. What a great place! Walking distance from all the major historical sites and home to quite a few good restaurants.

We decided on an early dinner, fantastic Italian fare, walked some more and by the time we got back to the room it was 9:00pm. The last eyeball shut at about 9:40pm. Even missed the Duke, Carolina basketball game.

Well, considering I was was snoring (as my kids tell me) by 9:30 I was up at 5am and decided to take a walk. The sun didn’t rise till 7:20 so I scouted for quite some time, waited for the clouds to dissipate and was able to get a shot of the USS Olympia and the US Becuna docked right by the hotel. Some great history on these masters of defense.

Once again patience payed off for the light changed just as I was getting ready to call it a day.


6 thoughts on “Sea Legs Without Being At Sea….

  1. The Olympia is a beautiful ship – I saw her some years ago (unfortunately while I was still equipped only with video). That’s a beautiful shot – have you tried it in Simplify yet?

  2. Congratulations to your daughter…a new adventure for her. We were at a wedding in West Chester years ago–I never realized it had a port. The low light makes the sky and water glow.

  3. Heh – My wife and I too spent last Saturday in Philly. I lived here for 10 years at one point, so it was like being a tourist in my hometown. Stayed near the Art Museum. Just a nice little quick 24 hours away from the zaniness of our house (you have on starting college, mine are 1st grade and below.). It’s a very photogenic city.

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