For All The Lightroom Lovers…..


I thought this would be a great article for all my readers who utilize Lightroom. I know I have to start using more virtual copies to conserve all that disk space. Anybody already use these? BTW my photo count at last look was over 18000, how bout you? Just curious.


2 thoughts on “For All The Lightroom Lovers…..

  1. I have almost 23000, but I’m not very good at really pruning my shots. I use virtual copies occasionally, but not too much. When I do use them, they don’t save me much space, as I often open the copy in Topaz or PSE.

  2. I do use virtual copies quite often and usually go in and put a name in the copy name so that I can see at a glance what version it is…especially if using a preset, converting to B/W, vignette, or cropping with a different aspect ratio. Saves going into develop panel and examining the history. I’d hate to say how many images in my LR catalog but I only usually delete the REALLY bad images and leave the mediocre ones to percolate for awhile…it’s easier to cull them after time passes. Have 5 years of photos plus many scanned vintage images in my catalog.

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