You Can’t Believe….


St. Catherine's   …the detail of the artistry inside St. Catherine’s Church at the Jersey Shore.

Haven’t been inside this church in quite a few years and they commissioned restorers from Europe about 8 years ago and wow have they done an outstanding job to bring this church back to perfection.

I was out showing a photographer friend some of the sites done here at the shore and we decided to see if we could take a look. Well, upon entry I saw David’s eyes get real BIG he instantly decided to go back and get his tripod, I did not, and I regret it. Although I plan on going back very soon to do this place justice I managed this handheld single exposure by leaning against a wall. I think you’ll agree, just beautiful!

Processed in Lightroom and Color Efex Pro.

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Believe….

  1. Glorious! Age darkens so much in older churches that we forget how brilliant they were when they were first created. It does fill one with real awe to see them made new again.

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