My Photographic Resolution…


_MG_0447Now I have a basic problem with my new years photography resolution. You might recall that one of my goals this year is to take more pictures with more people in them. You see this can be quite a problem because I’m the only idiot up and out at 5:00 in the morning! The selection of people to photograph is slim so on this particular morning I decided to become the person to photograph…. I think it’s called a selfie:) The newest word in the dictionary.

At this particular area on Sandy Hook there’s quite a bit of interesting scenery, perfect for some portraiture. Well, here’s my first attempt at this selfie stuff. I’m sitting here taking in the beautiful sights on the first warm morning in quite a few months. I’ve got to admit it it was quite awkward to pose yourself in pictures and you will see in the next few weeks my problems I encountered when posing in different scenes. Rather funny actually. So stay tuned….

So what about you? Have you tried any of this self portrait stuff? Would love to see your results!


13 thoughts on “My Photographic Resolution…

  1. I have not gotten into the selfie revolution…but I really like your results (I can’t imagine too many people out at 5AM)…you solved your problem perfectly by thinking out side of the box

  2. A friend, looking at my photos from our trip to the Canadian Rockies, was rather baffled, saying, “You don’t have any people in your pictures!” His vacation pictures are all, “Here’s me and Clara in front of…” I keep reading photo advice that including a person make a photo more interesting. I dunno…I wait patiently until they leave. Selfie? Nah–I’ll leave that to my 21 year old daughter!

  3. I think there’s a difference between a “selfie” (to me, that’s an arm’s length shot done with a iPhone or other smart phone.) You’re embarking on self-portraits, which photographers have been doing for decades. Usually in/with a mirror. I stay away from the “selfie” but do a lot of self-portraits. (I sound all high and mighty, don’t I?) 🙂

    1. Yeah Mark you’re right, I’ve been trying to put a backhanded jab at this selfie phenomenon. I have to tell you I’m a partly reluctant participant in this self-portrait thing as well. Thanks for replying:)

  4. I try to stay away from the views that tend to magnify the infirmities of aging (example, double chin) so there are usually a lot of takes that most often remain on my hard drive. Would rather take photos of OTHER people!

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