Beach Scenes

Vacation2013-455_6_7-2What do you think?

Processed with Topaz Simplfy using the newest version 4.1


23 thoughts on “iS dIGITaL aRT pHOTOgRAPhY?…..

  1. Great image!
    Digital Art is Digital Art and Photography is Photography but in our current climate most photographers don not tag their work properly which has blurred the lines between them.
    I like to openly label my images as Photo composite if the background is replaced or image elements are moved around from the original and Digital Art when some effect has been done to the image that would not be possible in the old darkroom days.

      1. Yes, I do agree. I have done a few local shows and they are more interested in the Digital Art pieces. The other thing that can help sell photos is if they are a numbered series and you make it clear you will only run say 100 prints of a particular photo and that is it. A tip I learned from a seasoned Fine Art Photographer/Digital Artist.

  2. Yes, I agree with lilmisspoutine — why not. Just because it wasn’t done in the darkroom before digital doesn’t mean that it isn’t photography. It’s processing of a image taken with a camera.

  3. A photo is just a 2-D interpretation of what we see; it is not reality. A limited amount and range of light from the subject is picked up by the sensor and manipulated by the algorithms in the camera’s processor before it even reaches our computer, Photoshop and our eyes.

    What we perceived as reality at the time we took the shot is only our brain’s interpretation of the sense data sent from our eyes. It is not actually reality but a tiny slice of stuff we can and cannot see that has also been distorted by our own thoughts and feelings at the time. So who is to say whether the image you present as a photograph isn’t any less realistic than an unprocessed image from the camera.

    The semantics of whether we call any digital image a photograph or not doesn’t really matter. What really matters is honesty in the way the image is presented, (especially when the photographer becomes a professional.) When a photo is a piece of art there is an expectation that the artist has worked at developing it. Reporting an event is very different and the old saying that ‘the camera never lies’ should be changed to ‘the camera must never lie.’

  4. I’ve never understood the debate over subjects like this. I agree with Ivor. To me, what matters is honesty in presentation – be open and transparent about what was done to manipulate the image. Don’t lead people to believe that a wonderful photo is really “straight out of the camera”

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