52 Week Music Project….Theme: Gone Fishing…

52 Week Theme Project

Party and fishing boats are a big part of the action in Point Pleasant, NJ. You see, every morning and late afternoon you will find many of these boats coming and going into the Manasquan Inlet here at the Jersey Shore.

Last time I went on one of these party boats my buddies and I had a memorable time. I don’t know what was better: the drinking; the fishing or watching one of my friends getting sea sick(from drinking) during the last half of the trip. Classic memories!

_MG_8895 _MG_8896 _MG_8897Taking it head on!


8 thoughts on “52 Week Music Project….Theme: Gone Fishing…

  1. I’m with Ruth-Ann – I don’t think I’d like going out thru those waves! I love the ocean but I am definitely a fair weather sailor when it comes to the ocean. I can handle bad weather on a lake as that is my element but the ocean kind of scares the daylights out of me when it turns that strong!

  2. Great story board of pictures! When we were in Oregon we did a fishing expedition in windy and wavy water…I had the best time, but the rest of my family were holding buckets lol

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