A Look Back: Winter 2010…

Landscapes, Weather

This winter has become one of the coldest in recent memory. I had to look back to 2010 to recall a super cold stretch of weather here in New Jersey. I happened to find a series of photos shot in late December 2010 which documents how cold it actually was that winter

The Sandy Hook Bay had frozen to the point in which it produced moderately large sized icebergs. I had not seen chunks of ice like this ever in NJ. I’ve included a series of shots of those icebergs from back in 2010 below. The light was fantastic on this particular morning, hard to take a bad shot that day!

This reminds me, I better go back this week to see the results of this years weather… stay tuned!


9 thoughts on “A Look Back: Winter 2010…

  1. You would need a pretty big drink to get those ice cubes in. I’ve only seen the sea frozen over once in ,my life – it was the Baltic. Europe has been having a really mild and wet winter this year so even if I were to travel North I don’t think there will be much chance of me catching a berg this year.. Those are fantastic shots, the light is superb.

  2. Never have seen icebergs that large…I am sure this year with your cold and snowy weather they are bigger. Awesome series of pics!

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