52 Week Music Theme Project: What’s Up?…

52 Week Theme Project, Beach Scenes, Black and White


Surfs Up Surf’s Up…. and you know what that means!

Apparently the conditions have been “rad” the last few weeks for surfing all along the Jersey Shore. I met a local surfer named Austin who told me that it’s been some of the best winter surfing in many years. I talked to him briefly as he couldn’t wait to get back into the cold Atlantic Ocean. Austin and 2 dozen other surfers donned their wetsuits and caught wave after wave. Most rides were good, catching time in the tube with minimal wipe-outs.

I talked to another guy who was taking underwater shots of the surfing and he couldn’t believe how many guys were braving the cold water and the shallow water level. He thought it was pretty dangerous.

_MG_8946-2Wonder if this guy found the bottom?


9 thoughts on “52 Week Music Theme Project: What’s Up?…

  1. What a fine, fine series of shots Mike. If you’d share some camera information it’d be much appreciated. Congrats on these … they’re stunning.

  2. Awesome action shots! Imagine the breeze was wet and cold and made shooting conditons frigid. Makes me shiver under my blankets this morning thinking of how cold the water was.

  3. Man, you really caught the surfers and the surf perfectly. I love the sequence with the surfer coming out of the curl. The final shot is amazing because of the spray above the wave and the transparency of the wave itself.

    Are you going to do underwater shots next? 😉

  4. I didn’t even know they surfed in the winter months…you’ve shown me something new! LOVE that last image…would be wonderful on metallic paper!

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