Where Would You Rather Be…

Beach Scenes

The StrollA beautiful sunset from our trip last summer to Newport Beach, California

Can you think of a better place to be than right here right now? Seriously, if you could be anywhere in the world (a place you’ve been to before), where would it be? Post a link to your picture of your favorite place you’ve been to before. Would love to see it!

13 thoughts on “Where Would You Rather Be…

      1. My understanding is that they went thru there whole endowment in a lot less years than it was suppose to last. It really is a shame because it was so beautiful. I don’t know if you’ve ever been but the outside of the building is shrouded in armor. I don’t know what is going to happen to the building but most of the collection is going to the Worcester Art Museum so at least it will be on display sometime.

  1. who could show a sunset better? I love this one. Sunsets and sunrises are one of my favourite motives. One favourite place right now is at my house and the special light in late afternoon. To bad I cannot include a photo in this comment to show you

  2. This looks like a gorgeous place to be…have never been to California! I’m pretty much a home-body and have a lot of places on my bucket list. I do love to visit the mountains and see waterfalls but don’t think I have a photo to share…will think on it!

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