52 Week Theme Song…. Got My Mind Set On You…

52 Week Theme Project, Architecture


NYC2012-18-2 On this trip to NYC I definitely had intent to visit the famous architectural landmark in the flatiron district. There’s been thousands of shots of this Flatiron Building but that didn’t matter to me. I would put my own spin on it and it would be mine.

The shot above is from the original raw capture. Basic Lightroom adjustments were made, mainly vibrance, clarity and highlight recovery for the sky. Below is my secondary take on the building. I utilized Topaz Simplify to create something unique. In the future I will call on OnOne’s Photo Suite for another version.




7 thoughts on “52 Week Theme Song…. Got My Mind Set On You…

  1. Love the simplified filter on this Mike … you achieved your objective of getting a unique image. (And what a great song!)

  2. The Flatiron Building is certainly intriguing. As many times as I’ve seen it, it still seems rather freakish. I prefer the bottom image: the sky is more intense and it shows off the details.

  3. I do love this building and your new processing of it. Would really love to go inside it and see how it feels and looks inside this very odd architectural configuration.

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