52 Week Theme Song…. Beautiful Day (U2)

52 Week Theme Project

IMG_3843I’m participating in a 52 week challenge with the wonderful folks over @ Elements Village. The themes, as you may have figured, are based on songs from a variety of musical genres. If you’d like to participate head on over to join in.

So you may be asking what’s the connection between St. Patrick’s Cathedral and U2’s Beautiful Day? Well, what do you think? Take a guess and post it in the comments section. I will reveal in my next post…….


16 thoughts on “52 Week Theme Song…. Beautiful Day (U2)

  1. A beautiful day for a white wedding? Oops, now I am combining U2 w/ Billy Idol lol

    This is absolutely stunning…each and every detail is wonderful and that lighting is superb! Love this!

  2. What a great shot, I love the way the lighting brings out some great details in this great space. As for the occasion, as Tammy said, perhaps a wedding or a christening? Looking forward to seeing your weekly pictures.

  3. You knew I was stretching it with Metallica, I have no idea what the connection with U2 is! Great image and love that you were able to get this when all the Christmas flowers were still present.

  4. Beautiful photo. I had the impression from friends that the church was full of scaffolding this holiday season – inside and out – so it’s nice to see such a great interior photo. My guess to the connection of theme and photo is Bono’s Catholic upbringing in Ireland

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