Whoa Horse, Whoa…

Black and White, Still Life

We had an opportunity to go horseback riding yesterday at Dream Riders stable and for my girls it was their first experience on a horse. My niece Olivia has her horse, Star (first picture), boarded there so she’s definitely experienced and my other niece Nia has ridden a few times so I had to bring the camera to catch a few memories. I even managed to get up on a horse but more on that later.

_MG_7937Star and his proud owners: Olivia and my sister Nancy

After prepping the horses the girls walked their horses to the barn to ride indoors since it was 28 degrees at the beginning of the adventure. Well as we soon found out it was much warmer in the barn, probably 30 degrees!


Here’s Nia and her horse, Boom









And Loriana with Bella








After we all got to the riding barn I set my camera to iso 1000 and partial metering for exposure and then set my focus to AI Focus which turned out to be a big mistake because in most of the shots the girls were coming right towards me and the camera didn’t compensate so I missed a quite a few great shots. Lesson learned! I did manage to get a few keepers which you see below…..

I processed the B+W in Lightroom tweaking the Hi-Contrast Blue filter and it really did the trick! Do you use Lightroom to convert? I use Silver Efex Pro most of the time but in this instance it really processed nicely.

Oh yeah, remember I told you I even got up to ride as well? Well, here ya go…. ‘nough said………..

_MG_8107Go easy now!

7 thoughts on “Whoa Horse, Whoa…

  1. Looks like one heck of a day! Love all the pictures and the girls excitement shows! Happy New Year!

    And yes, I did change my theme, thought that would get me motivated to get going again! 🙂

  2. These are fabulous. The light is wonderful and I like your choice to process in black and white. I don’t usually do my b&ws in Lightroom but these came out really well.

    Nice to see your smiling face in the last shot – you don’t even look too terrified!

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