Post Your Favorite Shot Of 2013…


Saw this idea over on facebook. Post a link to your favorite shot in the comments section for all to see. Here’s mine…._MG_6532-2-Edit-EditLook forward to seeing your favs….

22 thoughts on “Post Your Favorite Shot Of 2013…

    1. What a great post Pat. I enjoyed how you describe your thoughts of the morning. The first shot is beautiful and well presented. Look forward to seeing more from you in 2014….

  1. Mike, the more rigid lines of light in the sky are unusual (to me) and make for a very interesting image! Love the contrast between those lines and the softness of the light, colour and mood of the remainder of the image. The lone kayaker sits perfectly below it all, seemingly oblivious to what is happening above him. Wonderful image!

    1. Thanks Pat, that’s not this first time I’ve captured those straight line sunrays. Maybe I’ll post another in the next few weeks. Thanks for all the comments. Look forward to seeing posts from you in 2014.

    1. Thanks and Happy New Year to you Julie. Love the simplicity of this shot! Thanks for visiting and I hope to see more of your creativity this year.

  2. Hi Mike…didn’t see your follow up comment/question til this morning. Yes, I did shoot the Polar Bear Plunge. I’ll be posting some photos soon!

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