I Can See The Light…

Astrophotography, Shots After Dark

_MG_7915Sea Girt Lighthouse shot after spending an hour making a star time-lapse. I think I’m going to like this better than the time-lapse.

Processing was quite extensive and is as follows….

  1. Change color temperature.
  2. Apply lens correction in Lightroom 5.
  3. Correct vertical perspective using auto upright in Lightroom 5.
  4. Worked with highlights to brighten stars.
  5. Synched all corrections to 3 brackets.
  6. Import into Photomatix for tone-mapping.
  7. Dodging and burning in Lightroom.
  8. Used tonal contrast preset in Color Efex Pro (love this preset).
  9. Changed purple and yellow color channels.
  10. Struggled with color temperature.
  11. Struggled with color temperature (really).
  12. Added vignette.
  13. Sharpened and reduced noise in Lightroom.

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