A Unique Perspective…

Beach Scenes

Old Barney UniqueNot only was I deliberately trying to frame this shot as described in a previous post but I was also trying to deliver a unique perspective of the Barnegat Lighthouse.

For this shot I was lying down attempting to incorporate several features into the scene. The lighthouse was the main subject certainly but I also wanted to bring in the awesome sky, the fencing for framing and although you might not be able to see it, the blowing sand.

I’m not sure I pulled it all off. I think by including all of these elements into the shot I may have diminished the focus of the lighthouse. What do you see? Is your eye still pulled in towards the lighthouse? The color of the lighthouse and framing inside the fencing may have helped as well. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks as always.



6 thoughts on “A Unique Perspective…

  1. I really like the composition of this photograph and the placement of the lighthouse. It is interesting to experience the scene in an atypical way. You are drawn to spend a bit more time pouring over the details.

  2. Actually I prefer the previous image as in this one the lighthouse seems overwhelmed by the two fence posts. That previous scene was hard to beat and was one of my favorite images of the past year. Generally, I like the lower perspectives but this one is not a favorite.

  3. This doesn’t work for me Mike, the fence posts draw my eye as the subject here. The lighthouse appears minimized. I like where you’re going with the perspective though, perhaps getting a little more height on the lighthouse without it being totally in view might do it, not sure?

    1. No, height won’t do it as I look again… maybe a zoom to compress it and bring it forward will give it more mass / weight ? Interesting image to think about, thanks for posting it.

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