Old Photo, New Software…

Beach Scenes

_MG_6106Going back a few months for this shot but putting a new twist on it with some OnOne software. This OnOne Photo Suite is so comprehensive the learning curve will be steep BUT like any software if you spend a few hours with it the results are impressive.

I wish I could tell you exactly what I did but like most of my processing, I just play until I find something I like. I do know there were 3 or 4 layers with textures and borders and color filters. I should start writing down the steps before I hit the save button to be a bit more helpful to you. But I will always recommend the you sit down and get your hands dirty for awhile and then ask questions. If you have any questions though, please do ask. I love to help!

Stay tuned for more on OnOne Software, I think I’m going to be making this part of my processing workflow with results like this!

Merry Christmas everyone!


4 thoughts on “Old Photo, New Software…

  1. Looks quite nice. Aside from the processing, I like the “decisive moment”-ness of the wave splash and seven seagulls. I can see this being quite a nice canvas wrap print (without the black border though). An “Eternal Summer” look.

  2. I also picked up the Suite – on Black Friday. I haven’t had as much chance to play as I would like, but I’ve been impressed so far. I agree with your comment about the learning curve.

    very nice results with this shot!

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