An Explosion Of Light…


untitled-107_HDRDo you shoot with a specific intent or do you just shoot on the go with whatever presents itself? Well if you’re like me you do a bit of both. Lately I’ve been trying to shoot with a bit more intent by visualizing the final product before I even get to my destination.

With this particular shot the gun was the intended subject but when the sun rays exploded through the clouds I knew I had a keeper. Surely luck comes into play on a few occasions (like this one) but preparation certainly increases the likelihood of producing with intent.

Processed in Lightroom and HDR Efex Pro and a bit of burning.


2 thoughts on “An Explosion Of Light…

  1. You’re in trouble now Mike, You’ve gone and shot a hole in the sky with that gun and now been silly enough to publish the proof, with such a great photo in evidence, you’ll never get off!

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