What It Really Looks Like….

Shots After Dark

_MG_6871I got a few good responses to the last post so I thought I would post the original shot of the Sandy Hook Lighthouse. I have to say I do like this much better but why not experiment and see what you can come up with?

This got me thinking…. how many of you experiment with your shots? Do you try new processing techniques yet never post them? Why not? Yes, some of my experiments have gone terribly awry yet I wouldn’t have found the good ones either if I hadn’t given it a try. So why not post an experiment gone bad and also post an experiment that you really like the outcome, would love to see them.


4 thoughts on “What It Really Looks Like….

  1. I have more that gone wrong than right lol I love playing with the topaz and onone presets! I do really love the original of this one…the lighting is perfect!

  2. Not a criticism – a Question! Is the building leaning away a tad and did you use the straightening tools in LR5 on this at all? I always learn from your posts and yes I do experiment and post my failures (Interesting ones at least) as well as my perceived successes.

  3. I have plenty of failed attempts – and I just get rid of them. Recently, I’ve started a collection in LR of photos that I think I can do something with but just haven’t found the right look.

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