You Can Get There From Here….


Bear Mountain FinalThis was the shot I came for!!! The Bear Mountain Bridge as it spans over the Hudson River. It only happened by chance as I was descending from the Perkins Observatory I saw a small sign for a scenic overlook (which I didn’t see on the way up) hung a Louie (left hand turn) and this was the scene, beautiful!

Thanks for your comments for my last post I will wait a few more days for more responses and then announce the winner of the downloadable print. So spread the word. Thanks again.

6 thoughts on “You Can Get There From Here….

  1. Nice shot.

    But wait…a louie is a right-hand turn? Ever since high school, louies and larry’s have been a left-hand turn. Then again, I grew up in Pennsylvania. What do you call a left-hand turn then? 🙂

  2. Mike – 🙂 Like I said, thought maybe it was a Jersey thing. And even though I love NJ, I’m not still not born and bred… hehe

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