A New Venture….

Time Lapse

_MG_9381I’ve decided to take up time-lapse photography and I just posted a quick 15 second video on youtube. I just realized without an upgrade I can’t upload videos to this blog. So if you feel so inclined, head on over to my YouTube channel here. Would love to hear your thoughts. Oh yeah, I apologize for the watermark but I’m still deciding on the best deflickering software to use in addition to Lightroom for assembling the video.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


8 thoughts on “A New Venture….

  1. Nice little TL Mike I tried commenting but it wanted me to set up yet another youtube channel (I have 2) so my comment is here. BTW you asked what software I used and I must plead guilty to boring old Premiere Elements 10. which did the job for me.

      1. Hey Mark, that tip was an absolute home run! I was getting ready to upgrade my blog to include video (you saved me some green!) I just looked at your post too and love it. I will forever use this workaround with my free blog. Thanks!

  2. Glad that embed tip worked for you. The one thing is that YouTube videos are converted to Flash, which doesn’t play on Apple products (unless they changed this), and it could leave a gap in your blog post. That’s why I often post my videos to Vimeo, which also has that embed feature and works universally, or, in the post, I also try to provide a hyperlink to the video on Vimeo as well as a embed it. Just something to consider if you use these methods.

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