Bridge To Nowhere…

Black and White

_MG_6783What do you think of the look of the bridge span being cut off on the left of the shot? I had a tough time deciding how to crop this shot. I think the crop and the b+w conversion help bring out some details in the bridge.

Speaking of bridges, anyone on the road for Thanksgiving? If so, good luck and be careful.


5 thoughts on “Bridge To Nowhere…

  1. To me it does not matter in this shot that it is half a bridge because of where you chose to crop it, Having the long lines on the left of the shot meet in the frame makes it look right. The overall balance of the composition is good too and the monochrome conversion finishes it off nicely.

  2. I like the crop (and definitely like the conversion). I’m one who is typically guilty of filling the frame with the whole image (like the whole bridge) – and I know I shouldn’t always do that. The viewer can fill in the missing half of the bridge – it doesn’t have to be shown to them.
    BTW- the image is showing viewed in WordPress, but on your blog, the link doesn’t work for me for some reason.

  3. Must have been a transient WordPress problem. Before, when I looked at your blog, the photo wasn’t displaying. I only saw the image when I was looking at the “Blogs I follow” page. I’m not seeing the problem now.

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