I’ve Been Dying To Get Out But….

Beach Scenes, HDR

_MG_9727x3hdr-2-2The schedule has been quite busy. Yesterday we went to the Giant/Cowboy football game, family get togethers, etc. have left me with little time to get out and shoot. So today I present you with this shot from a few years ago which I never processed. I do remember the morning being quite cold and blustery but yielding quite a few great shots.

I did have a quick outing about 2 weeks ago and I was focusing on some time-lapse photography. After purchasing a remote shutter trigger I found a new genre of photography that is quite exciting. I have the beginnings of a first time-lapse video that I was preparing to post and then I realized I can’t post on this blog so I will come up with plan B and let you know when it’s ready. Anyone ever give it a try with TL? If so, I could use a few tips!

Edit: This is the kind of stuff that’s amazing about time lapse…check out this tube video, WOW!


8 thoughts on “I’ve Been Dying To Get Out But….

  1. Mike love the old shot above, but with regard to TL my D5100 has the capacity of doing that in camera, using interval timer shooting where you can set the individual exposure duration and the number of images. I made an intersting Moon Rise shot and posted it on Youtube, but I suppose that would cost now.

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