Out West Part 2….

Beach Scenes

Vacation2013-323Decided to zoom in on this next one to give it a different look and also opted not to Simplify as I like what Nik’s Color Efex Pro did to this version.

Did you know that the newest version of Photomatix debuted today after being in beta for a couple of weeks? I was quite surprised to see they charged an upgrade for this edition. I didn’t realize that I purchased version 3 many moons ago. I guess I can’t complain since I’ve used every version up to the current without a charge. Additionally, it’s only $29 for the upgrade…. not bad. It also contains an interesting new tone-mapping process called contrast optimizer and on a few of my brackets it renders very realistic images. I will post a few shortly. So, if your a user go over to the website and download the new version.


One thought on “Out West Part 2….

  1. Thanks for the heads up…will head over there shortly. As much as I love the details that are brought out, I still think I prefer the simplified version

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