Is The Sun Setting On Blogging….

Beach Scenes, HDR

Vacation2013-680_HDR-2Is it me or is there a silent push towards posting pictures and communicating more often on social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, etc? I know Facebook is seeing a slow down in the number of younger people using their site but I think more people in my generation  seem to be frequenting the pages of FB over the last few months. Are you seeing it?

A month or so ago I was perusing my statistics on this blog and immediately noticed a decrease in views and certainly in the comments per post. I’ve been thinking about my own habits when it comes to viewing others blogs, for that has always been difficult for me to keep up with over the years. Losing Google Reader has made this process even more difficult. I’ve been using Feedly and the WordPress readers but it doesn’t seem to be as efficient as Google’s product.

I’ve also been thinking about my own approach to posting on this blog. Should I be  posting more frequently, less frequently? Should I post more entertaining material, more tutorials? I’m not sure.

Are you seeing the same changes? Have you already migrated to other social media? Let me know, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.


19 thoughts on “Is The Sun Setting On Blogging….

  1. Unfortunately, I have no wisdom to offer. I got behind on my blog after my accident and I’ve just been posting randomly since then. I’m also a lot busier the past few months and don’t normally have (or take) the time to comment as much on anyone’s blog like I used to. I still check them, and click the Like button. I love your posts…beaches, sunrises…always beautiful.

  2. This is just OMGosh stunning! I have been missing due to my dad’s illness. It is hard for me to comment from an ipad using feedly from the hospital…facebook was much easier to use. I am slowly playing catchup and hoping that blogging is not a dying trend. But I am sure sites like google+, facebook and instagram is taking some of the bloggers away

  3. Stunning image! Ido hope that blogging does not completely go away. Although I enjoy seeing posts on Facebook, visiting the individual blogs showcases images so much better.

  4. Gorgeous shot! I love blogging. Facebook frustrates the heck out of me and I don’t really like the photo restraints of Instagram. You have more control on a blog. I hope it doesn’t fade away.

  5. There are many studies, especially among social media types, that say blogging – long-form blogging – is dying. Microblogging – Tumblr, Twitter, Pintrest – is trending higher. As with any type of communication, you have to know your audience: Are they type that does READ blog while also looking at the graphics/visuals/videos? Or are they just looking for “snackable content” (I hate that phrase, but it’s it’s out there) – short, quick hits like Tumblr gives. I started with Flickr but found I wanted to write more about my images, tell stories, pontificate a bit more. So I started my JSP blog. I seem to be gaining followers, which I like. Maybe my images and stories/backgrounds resonates. As a former journalist, I like long-form blogging, writing, telling the story. It’s also my visual storybook that is housed on the Internet. So, yes, while long-form blogging may be falling, if the content is there, people will come. Content is king – be it blogs, newspapers, books or cave walls. ~ Mark

    1. You’re right Mark…. content is king and you have an ability to tell a story through words and visuals. I struggle with this and last year made a discerning attempt to become a better writer and not only show a great picture but provide an entertaining back story with that picture. It’s been rewarding at times but takes up a significant amount of time.
      I just came across this article on this very topic of micro-blogs today. See it at This, I am familiar with since I have two daughters between the ages of 13 and 17.

      1. Comments have plummeted however followers are up. I noticed the trend when wordpress changed their reader. It is now so much easier to hit the like button than to take time to leave a comment.

  6. Been away from the computer, so haven’t had a chance to comment (just not that easy on the iPad). I’ve only been blogging since this spring, so I don’t think I can comment on whether comments have gone down. I do think it is easier to browse and “like” than stopping and commenting, especially if you follow multiple blogs, forums, twitter feeds, Facebook, etc. There is just so much out there.

    I approached blogging expecting I wouldn’t get a lot of followers (I didn’t go in to it thinking I would be unique or particularly interesting). I did it to force me to take pictures and practice. It is easy to snap a shot and post it to Facebook or Tumblr. I think writing a blog requires you to think more about what you are presenting and what you want to say. I don’t want to post just any photo and I want to tell a story with it. So I look at it as a way for me to be better. If others follow me and enjoy my posts and join a conversation – that’s fantastic and I’m thankful for it and the feedback certainly helps me. But the lack of followers or commenting isn’t something that has bothered me.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Andy…. it certainly is easier to just like a particular post and I guess that’s good enough for me. As long as I have someone “looking” it’s better than nothing. Thanks again!

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