Never Get Tired Of Sunrises…

Beach Scenes

SunriseTook this one a few months ago. My goal on this particular morning was to capture the waves cascading over the rocks at the shoreline at a relatively slow shutter. Don’t remember how many I took before I got this one but was definitely satisfied with how it turned out.

On another note, have you been following the bullying story coming out of the Miami Dolphins organization? As an ex athlete I’ve been listening to the various stories over the last few days and find the opinions on the topic very interesting. You too? Would love to know your thoughts on this one. I have an opinion but want to save it till further evidence surfaces.

7 thoughts on “Never Get Tired Of Sunrises…

  1. Super shot, will tide you over during Winter Me Guesses. I never understood Bullying, at 5′ 7″ in the Army I just let my Napoleon Complex (even us tall people suffer that – He was 5’4″) take over and struck back, but you’re right Jocks were the worst for it and never worth much trouble.

      1. Same Here Mike I have stopped listening and am even thinking about dropping my lifelong interest in WWE ((Wrestling) because it is overtaking every thing. I started the year talking about GREED and this is the same thing – No respect for others – Sorry Rant time.

      2. Another WWE fan, huh?I watched a bit of it back in the day and then my youngest daughter took to it for a year or so. Big John Cena fan…..

      3. Nah – I wanted to see Stone Cold Steve Austin take on Goldberg at Wrestlemania, but they both got hurt, put Brock Lesnar in his place then retired.

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