When Was The Last Time You Saw Someone On A Unicycle….


Just the other day for me…. I was walking around Turkey Swamp Park over the past weekend when I looked over to see what appeared to be 3 high school boys riding unicycles around the rather bumpy terrain (for a unicycle). It made me curious so I went over and started a conversation about their experiences with this rather unique form of transportation.

Each of the boys had be riding for quite a few years and as a group find time to travel on the bikes. On this day they allotted 3 hours of the day to just riding and traveling around Turkey Swamp.

I had a idea that I wanted to capture some of their unique skills and that’s what you see in the pictures above. I got to tell you, this stuff is extremely difficult! The boys (and I’ve forgotten their names, guys if you come to the blog please leave your names in the comment section) were riding on very difficult terrain and popping the cycles up into the air. I admire your perseverance! They also tried some other and much more difficult skills in another area of the park and I will post those soon for you to see.

I want to say thanks to the guys for allowing me to photograph you and your unique skills on a rather obscure piece of equipment. I had a blast!

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