Topaz Simplify Is Fantastic…


_MG_8519I just love what it did with this scene, especially the effect on the tree.

I might be wrong but I think it’s more difficult to sell a photograph as a piece of wall art on it’s merit of just being a photograph. Do you understand what I mean? I guess for me, I would be more inclined to buy a more painterly type of wall art than a photograph. I don’t know why. I guess this is why I utilize Topaz Simplify as often as I do.

After incorporating Topaz Simplify into my workflow in recent months I think it is even taking the place of my use of tone-mapping in my workflow. Now don’t get me wrong I still tone map but the dynamic range I get out of my 5D allows me to blend less frequently. Something I relish, as I spend less time in front of the computer and more time doing other things.

How has your workflow changed over the last few years? Are you using the same software? Have you come closer to perfecting the use of it. Do you utilize software less? I love to hear how your processing has evolved….

Processed in Topaz Simplify, BuzSim preset and set the simplify slider to .15 followed by clarity and a slight vignette in Lightroom.

9 thoughts on “Topaz Simplify Is Fantastic…

  1. I find good fortune using the Nik Collection of filters. Does it make my workflow faster? Maybe. I don’t really grade it on that, though. When film photographers were developing their images with stinky chemicals, they lost hours, days, in the dark room. We need to do what we need to do to get our images to what we see in our heads. Speed is fine. Quality outcome is best. Everything has a necessary evil. Post-process (film or digital) is ours.

    1. Your right Mark, a necessary evil. Hard to figure out what’s actual real these days. I’m at fault as well.I like the Nik collection as well…… pretty good for free!

      1. Hey, even what came out of Ansel’s camera wasn’t “real”. He dodged and burned with the best of them. 🙂 (and, um, Nik Collection isn’t free…not after the first 15 days, anyway. Wish it were).

      2. Hey Mark,
        I bought Silver Efex Pro a few years ago and last winter google gave away the rest of the suite after they bought Nik. Got the rest of the suite for free. Maybe I got lucky.

      3. No, I think it was if you had a previous version, then you got to upgrade to the whole suite for free. I had tried the trials several times and liked them, so I just bit the financial bullet and purchased the collection. ‘Twas worth it.

  2. I was looking at some of my older photos this week and was struck by the fact that I like a lot of the older stuff far better than what I’m doing now. In my early days of digital photography, I used Lightroom mainly with the occasional addition of PSE. Since then, I’ve added two full processing suites to the mix and feel that I’m spending too much time processing. Am thinking perhaps I’d be better off going back to a simpler mainly LR workflow and concentrating more on improving the photography.

    As for the idea of painterly images being more saleable? Absolutely not for me. I’m drawn to real photos, not those that have painterly types of filters applied to them.

    1. Interesting Julie, I like all your stuff. Software can certainly draw you in with it’s various looks! Have you ever bought anyone else s photos, just curious. I’ve never bought a photo from anyone….

      1. Nope, never have bought any photographic prints. I have a few of my photos hanging in the house and one of my favorite pieces of art is a beautiful print that a photographer friend gave me.

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