The View From Down Here…


The BridgeHaving not been up near Bear Mountain State Park in almost a quarter of a century I had no bearings as to where I was at any point during the day. I stopped into the Fort Montgomery Museum and asked a woman there about the best vantage points of the bridge. She recommended this spot as a spot that most people don’t know about, you have to walk under the railroad tracks to get to this dock for this scene. She was spot on with this recommendation…just a few people fishing and some great vantage points of the bridge.

I happened to get lucky with this small flock of geese flying overhead, I think it adds a bit to the shot. Have you ever been given some great advise from locals in areas you’ve gone to shoot? If so and you got pretty good shots, leave a link to the shot in the comments section. Would love to see your shot!

4 thoughts on “The View From Down Here…

  1. Beautiful photo! My favorite mountain is called Mt. Edith Cavell up in Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies. I’ve been there a million times, but a couple years back I ran into an Australian who manages the hostel at the base of the mountain. He said that to really see the mountain, I needed to stay at the hostel and see the light change during the day from evening to sunset to (if you’re lucky) the Northern Lights to sunrise. Got some beautiful photos!

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