Nothing Like Fresh Air….


BearMountainWhat a great spot to take it all in! The sun was shining, the air was fresh and crisp… couldn’t have asked for a better day to be outside.

I find myself lately relying on Nik’s Color Efex Pro for streamlining my workflow. It seems to just go well with my landscape shots. More specifically, the tonal contrast preset is always spot-on for making these shots pop. Short and sweet does the trick.

Do you have a”go to” plug-in or software that just seems to make your workflow flow? Leave a comment in the comment box, would love to read your responses.

Have a great week! Go Cowboys….

9 thoughts on “Nothing Like Fresh Air….

  1. Beautiful vista. I like how you included the bench in your shot rather than just the scenery.

    I love the Color Efex Pro and the Tonal Contrast preset is probably my favorite.

  2. Mike, I am more the OnOne person. Perfect Effects is my go to when in LR5 and CS6. But I also have NIK and will use Dfine, pre and post sharpening. I see both NIK and OnOne complimenting each other since they do have different modules. Still want to see what Google has up their sleeve for the NIK modules and also OnOne has release 8 coming out next month.

  3. I thought that I had commented on this earlier, but if not it brings to mind a James Cagney quote from White Heat, “Look Ma. I’m on Top of the World”!

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