Black and White, Landscapes

InspirationI don’t remember exactly where I saw this scene, flickr, etc but it was what inspired me to drive up to Bear Mountain last weekend. As I said in my last few posts, my first stop was the Perkins Observation Tower and the thought was this was the scene I would see from atop the tower. I was disappointed because I saw no such scene from that tower. After taking a few dozen pictures from the area around the tower I had just about given up finding this spot. I got into the car to drive down the mountain and shoot from underneath the bridge when I stumbled across a road that had a sign that said “scenic drive”. Bingo, I found the scene around the next turn of the road.

I gathered all three cameras and my tripod and walked along the cliffs to find the perfect spot. There was so much to see it didn’t really matter where I stood. I got quite a few good shots from this location and decided to post this one first. Hope you like it and maybe it will give you inspiration to go back to a location you haven’t been to in quite some time and take a few shots.


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