Keep Your Eye On The Finished Product…

Architecture, HDR

_MG_6591_90_89-Edit-EditIf you haven’t noticed I’ve been a bit absent the last few weeks as we are in the middle of a kitchen remodel and that has occupied much of my time. Today I am home from work as the floor guys are here to finish installing the hardwood floor. It looks beautiful so far. These guys work very hard!

Much of the last few weeks have been filled with many questions and decisions to be made, changes to layouts, appliances to buy, etc, etc. Sometimes it’s a big blur but everyone always says that you need to keep imagining the finished product, it’s sucks when your going through it but when it’s done it’s always worth it.

This shot kind of reminds me of this process we are experiencing at the moment. Much of the details are blurred along the way but when you reach your destination what you envisioned will be in full view…….I hope so!


2 thoughts on “Keep Your Eye On The Finished Product…

  1. That was our motto in the Army, “It is hard to remember that the point of the exercise, was to clear the swamp, when you are up to your armpits in crocodiles!”

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