A New Perspective…


PerspectiveJust the other day I posted the fact that motivation was lacking in regards to going to new places to take photos. After a bit of contemplation I decided that I will continue to go to my favorite local shooting location’s but I will shoot less and only if it’s from a completely unique perspective.

The above shot is a result of this new commitment to finding new angles of familiar subjects. Yes I was flat on the ground, totally utilizing the live view feature on my Canon 5D (still wish it had a swivel screen). It was a good thing it was early in the morning, with no one around, because anyone walking casually around near the boat dock might have thought that I was dead:)

In any event, I’m satisfied with the results of my new approach to this never-ending quest to stay motivated in this hobby called photo graphy( as my daughter once said). I think it will become increasing more difficult to find new perspectives but I guess I’m up for the challenge.


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