Flipp’in Out….

Beach Scenes

Flipp'inAs I was wandering around the Newport Pier I was hoping to find something unique and eventually I did! I was watching a couple of guys executing a few acrobatic moves off the lifeguard stand and they looked like they we’re about to leave when I got up enough nerve to ask them to “perform” in front of the camera. Vince and Claude (guys, let me know if I got your names wrong) obliged and “I got them in the tin”.

Not being totally confident in working with composites in Elements I turned to the resident Elements guru, Karen Brockney, for help. She came through, as she always does, and pointed me to towards her video on the exact processing. Within minutes I produced the above photo, as basic as it is I like it’s simplicity but would also like to jazz it up. If you have any ideas let me know.

Kudo’s to Vince, Claude and Karen, without you I wouldn’t have had this learning experience.

Claude and Vince, feel free to comment and look for other versions soon!


6 thoughts on “Flipp’in Out….

  1. Hi Mike, nice job finding this scene. I’m a bit confused now, though. Is this one guy doing the flip that you composited in three images (standing on the deck, the flip and then on the sand?) Or is this three guys, with one in the middle of the flip?

    As for anything to make it more exciting, too bad the clouds weren’t more dramatic overhead. Have you tried it as a B&W, bumping up the structure or clarity? (I use Nik Silver which gives me a lot of options. Perhaps a closer crop too. Next time, try getting under them and they can flip over you 🙂

    ~ Mark

    1. One guy Mark, the other one I’ll be featuring in another post. He does a back flip! What actually got my attention was one of the guys jumping over the other and filming it…..I may even have a decent shot of that happening.
      Thanks for the reply Mark!

  2. Great thee stage image Mike, I think I’d have cropped from top and bottom right to just before the buoy behind the wave, and if you can get the two guys flipping out in the one shot I would give serious thought to giving the sky a Psychedelic overtone to emphasize the flipping out thought, just an idea mind.

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