I Miss You: Good Night…

Shots After Dark

Newport BeachWe’ve only been home 3 days but it feels like forever.

Being a morning person I was a bit disappointed with the early hours of the day. Have you ever heard of the “June Gloom”? Well, it’s a weather phenomenon well know for SoCal (and other areas of the world) and is described as a persistent marine cloud cover that dissipates regularly between 10am and 12 noon. That’s not good for a early bird like me. I had a hard time getting that through my brain and with only two days left I decided to do the blur hour thing and I’m glad I did!

This is the area directly adjacent to the Newport Pier. A variety of stores and restaurants for all to frequent and that they do. Every day and night!


3 thoughts on “I Miss You: Good Night…

  1. My dad spends several weeks every year in Newport, escaping the Phoenix heat. Thanks for the virtual trip to his summer stomping grounds!

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