Looking Forward To The Left Coast….

Beach Scenes


I’m obsessed with Topaz Simplify, plain and simple.

I got up early on Sunday morning, took my 20 minute drive to the beach, and honestly, was quite disappointed with the action of the morning. No waves, no people, no boats, nothing. Patience prevailed and a few surfers arrived to take on the Atlantic. I can’t help but think they were disappointed too as the waves were 2-3 feet maximum. Didn’t stop them though from entering the water.

_MG_6683-EditI snapped a few as they dipped their feet. After looking at the results I quickly lost my patience and left. But as always I was anxious to get the shots into my computer and have a look.

_MG_6684-EditNot overly impressed I decided to export a few shots to Simplify and BAM, I quickly said “hey, I might have something here”. Simplify to the rescue and worthy enough to post. What do you think? Any good? Please click on to get the full effect.

In reference to the post title, I will be leaving for Sin City and then Orange County, Cal. for a week or so. Anyone have any suggestions for photo ops? I’ve been planning for the iconic shots but doesn’t anyone have any recommendations for those “hidden gems”? I hope to get to the Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, in Vegas. While in California I’m planning on Laguna, Newport Beach, etc. Can you think of any others??????


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