Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece….


_MG_6532-2-Edit-EditTo this point in the year this might be my favorite shot. It certainly didn’t start out looking like this but the result is how I pictured it when I pushed the shutter. Make sense?

Let me explain… I knew I had a dramatic and quite unique sky with the clouds and sun rays. I took several shots of this scene but without the other main subject, the person in the kayak. Those shots were definitely missing something. I waited as I knew there were people out on the reservoir and it was soon to be time for them to leave the water. Sure enough about 3-4 minutes later a group of kayakers came rowing into the scene. Now all I hoped for was that they would align quickly as not to loose the rays of the sun. Sure enough this guy rowed across the scene, by himself, to complete the picture.

During processing my main goal was to not only accentuate the sky but also give the kayaker more of a presence in the scene. My normal adjustments in Lightroom helped but I couldn’t accomplish my goal sufficiently. I knew I liked the results I’ve been getting with Topaz Simplify so I exported the image and applied the Buz Sim 3 preset and bang, the shot came to life. I continue to be amazed by the creative promise of the program.

Well, I hope you like it as much as I do. I plan to print this one within the next few days and hopefully it has the same feel as it does on my monitor. Also, please click on the photo to see a more appealing and larger version.

Do you have a favorite shot to this point in the year? Post a link to it in the comment box. I’d love to see it. Thanks!


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece….

      1. I have used it quite a bit to do some very processed, photo/art type of shots. Of late, I’ve found that it can come in handy when there is just a bit too much distracting detail. Just a bit of BuzSim seems to make a big difference.

  1. You definitely produced the “money” shot here….gorgeous! Colors, lighting, composition and processing all contribute to make this a masterpiece! The rays of light make it feel as if something big is happening “back there”…

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