The Catch….


Something simple today. A few days ago I showed you the image of the last guy on the water, well here he is a few minutes earlier with the catch of the day! He was narrating the whole event to a bunch of guys on the dock just out of the picture. It was loud enough for all to hear and quite funny btw.

Had a tough time correcting the white balance on these three shots, for some reason the second and third shots were easier than the first even with syncing in Lightroom.

These are best when clicked on, you will be taken to a nice carousel with larger images.

On another note…. do you see annoying ads when visiting my site? I know, I know there a pain and ruin the whole experience. Well, are you aware of a neat little extension called adblock plus(ABP). It will remove ads from most, if not all, webpages you visit. Really! I’ve been using it for years and almost forgot I had it. It really works, check it out for a better web experience.


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