Evening Grandeur…

Themed 365 Project

IMG_3004-Edit-EditUnfortunately this was the best composition I could get of this scene at the Manasquan Reservoir. A grove of trees are directly to the left of where I was standing and the park ranger wouldn’t cut them down for me so I had to make do.

Processed with a touch of Topaz Simplify… a big part of my processing lately!

On another note, I looking to simplify (ha,ha) my exporting workflow from Lightroom. Presently I export each photo to a folder on my desktop then access that folder to insert the picture into my post on WordPress. I would like to eliminate creating another copy of the photo (disk space,etc.) just to post on blog. Anybody have a better alternative to this workflow step. I’ve looked for export presets and all I come up with is a plug-in for the paid version of WordPress. Any ideas? I’ve thought about possibly exporting to Google Drive or something like that….. maybe Karen B. has an idea?

6 thoughts on “Evening Grandeur…

  1. Jeffrey Friedl has a plugin for export to Google Drive. Haven’t used this particular one but have used others of his.


    Or, how about publishing to a private album on Flickr? With their increased limit on storage (isn’t it 1 tb?) that might be a good choice.

    1. Hi Julie,
      Thanks for your valuable insight as usual… I’m wondering whether I’ll be able to access Google Drive from WordPress when I’m ready to insert image into my post?
      Now if I understand this correctly…. google drive software is on my desktop, I export to there and the image will be saved not on my computer but on the google cloud? Thus eliminating storing another copy on my hard drive? Interesting, I’m wondering if this is my best option…. I don’t think I can access flickr through wordpress when inserting a image in a post……

      1. I think with the Flickr plugin, it would work something like this. You set up Flickr to enable sharing to your WordPress blog. Once that’s enabled, you publish the images from LR to Flickr. Access the photo in the Flickr interface and then share to WordPress. It looks like Flickr provides the ability to format your post without leaving Flickr. Here is some info on that:


        For Google Drive, you export the images from LR to Google Drive using the plugin. Then when formatting your post in WP, you upload the image from Google Drive either by navigating to the file or drag and drop. I don’t have the plugin but I just tested the part about uploading the file from Google Drive to WP. It works fine. I can see my Google Drive on my Mac in my Finder window so assuming you would be able to see yours in Windows Explorer on your PC.

        Hope that helps.

      2. I think google drive might be the way to go…. seems as though all photos are uploaded to the cloud and not taking up more space on my HD. Thanks as always!

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