Where’s Bruno…..

Concert Photography

20130701_195650So months ago my wife says that she purchased tickets for all of us to go see Bruno Mars at The Rock in Newark NJ. My initial reaction was, why do I want to see him? All this time I wait to find the best reason to bail out on going. A few small opportunities arise but nothing worthy of skipping the concert. The day of the show arrives and I find out our seats are in the nose bleed section (above photo) of arena. Maybe this is my out???? No not even this will do it.

Half reluctantly I go because I do remember his performance on one of the award shows. Pretty damn good actually.

20130701_220823_LLSWell…. he opens up with this light show and a great version of Moonshine. I’m immediately impressed. His presence, the sound, the band. it was pure entertainment. Even his slow stuff was fantastic R+B.

20130701_213804_LLS-EditAs the show goes on he continues to impress so I get out my Galaxy 3s and start playing with the camera. Decide that spot metering is the best setting (at times) and click away. Although not outstanding, the camera phone actually does a pretty nice job considering the extreme lighting conditions.

In regards to the title of this post, the top picture is a good representation of our sight line from our seats, it was hard to see much of the stage show but towards the end of the show I was able to get a shot, aided by the stage monitor, of Buno himself.

20130701_221423_LLSAll in all, it was a great concert. My kids said it was the best ever! And we actually got to see Bruno Mars.

4 thoughts on “Where’s Bruno…..

  1. That little cell phone did a great job! My favorites are the 2nd and last pics. I love Bruno Mars…his voice is so smooth!

  2. I ended up using Feedly….I tried a few others but this was most like what I was used to. Still not google reader, but it works. I suppose in time I will get used to this as well. It is working fine!

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