REALLY! I Guess It’s True… Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder…

Beach Scenes

Vacation 2012-0034I came across this article on the top selling photos of all time(have you read it?) and was quite surprised at some of the shots. With those 27 photos fetching as much as they have, I think we all have a shot at the pot of gold.

Please take a look at the article and give us your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “REALLY! I Guess It’s True… Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder…

  1. I just went thru the article and you are absolutely right…Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I would buy your pics before I spent money on several of those lol

    The golden tones are just incredible! Breathtakingly beautiful!

  2. Your image is beautiful. Your love for the sea and all its various moods is clear in this and your other seascapes.

    Interesting topic of conversation. My favorite amongst the high-flying images listed is Ansel Adams “Moonrise, Hernandez, Mexico” – I’ve connected with that one since my early days of being interested in photography. But, I also really, really like “The Pond, Moonlight” by Edward Steichen and “Nude” by Edward Weston. Oh, and “One” by Peter Lik. I’d adore being able to call one of those my own. If I were a super wealthy collector, perhaps that’s how I’d spend my money too – it’s all relative.

    We had a conversation at EV once about the first image on the list – Andreas Gurskey’s “Rhein II”. I think it was Rick who said that he had seen some of Gurskey’s massive pieces in person and you really can’t appreciate them until you see them life sized. I’ll take his word for it.

    1. The author of the article also suggests that these photos are better than seen on screen. Something about the processing and material it’s laid out on makes a big difference. I would agree with that.
      Thanks for replying!

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