I Found It….


_MG_6265-Edit-2A few weeks back I was driving home from my daughters softball game and came across this old car along the side of the road. I made a mental note of it’s location and last weekend I went on a journey to find it. It’s about a half hour from my house and luckily found it pretty quickly.

This is about the best angle due to houses and other uninteresting surroundings. I think it brings out the character of the car. Does anyone know what make of car this is? All I remember is a gold medallion on the front but no company name at all. Do you recognize the hood ornament? Maybe John or Lois knows it, their car buffs no?

Anyway this is a simple tonemapped image from HDR Efex Pro which I then brought into Topaz Simplify and used my own preset which is a modified BuzSim preset from Topaz. Fiddled around with foreground weeds and there you have it. Satisfied but I think I’ll play more with it at a later date.

I just thought of an idea….. would anyone like the original raw files to come up with your own version? I would love to see your version. If so pm me at mattafoto@gmail.com and I will post your creations at a later date. Excited? I am!

10 thoughts on “I Found It….

  1. Seems similar to an Old Chevy an uncle of mine had decades ago but my memory is not what it used to be. I agree that the isolation enhances the shot.

  2. I think it’s a late ’40s Packard with its hood ornament wings broken off. I really like the placement of the car providing neat contrasts between the foreground weeds, the field clearing and the distant trees — al heightened by the enhanced colors.

  3. LOVE the colors your processing brought out…just looked at Julie’s as well…hard to believe both are HDR w/ totally different looks….love the comparison!

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