Just Do The Right Thing…

Beach Scenes

_MG_7906_7_8You may remember this shot from a year or so ago. It’s the Ocean Grove Fishing Pier and was a great location for photographs. Well, after Sandy hit the east coast last October the pier was destroyed and Fema has denied funds to rebuild the pier(more political BS it seems). Anyway the pier is in shambles and now looks like this while it waits for some court battle over this and that.

Post Sandy PierOh, that’s Ralph at the end of the pier and he’s been there in some form or fashion since 1992. He’s disappeared, returned, spent time @ a local home but he is back waiting for his home to be rebuilt. I guess you could say he’s homeless. Hopefully arrangements can be made to restore this beautiful spot on the Jersey Shore.

Here’s another shot of Ralph from a few months ago…

Ocean Grove Pier


3 thoughts on “Just Do The Right Thing…

  1. I hope they get their act together and get the pier rebuilt…such a gorgeous area! I love that second image’s processing!

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