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_MG_5976-EditGiven that it’s prom season here in New Jersey I figured I show this sad ending to a dramatic event of high school life. I wonder if the poor guy ever got a date or even ended up going to the prom? I know a few kids who went even though they had no date.

I have fond memories of the proms I went to, a junior prom and 2 senior proms. I look back at what we did during our proms(early 80’s) and look at how strict the rules are for today’s proms, I wonder how much fun they could have now? Mandatory bus rides for junior proms; breathalyzer after leaving the bathroom; etc. Amazing how these aspects of high school life have changed. All for the better of course.

So do you have great memories of your proms? Would you like to tell us about them? If so, leave it in the comment box. I’ll even start out with one of mine….. Do you believe in ghosts?????? Well, at 2:30am on our way home we encountered what we believe to have been a ghost who tried to get into our car. No shit, really! A woman dressed in traditional Indian clothes running towards my car trying to get in, screaming and yelling but with no words coming out. As she reaches for the car I speed up and as we look back behind the car, no one was there. True story and I can corroborate this event with 3 other people. Pretty weird stuff. Do I believe in ghosts? I don’t know but there’s no other way to explain this experience after my high school prom.

4 thoughts on “Prom Stories….

  1. You weren’t wearing your shining Armour that night were you Sir Galahad (Not) I didn’t think American youth over imbibed at Proms???? Hmmm!

  2. Went to a couple proms but I don’t have any prom stories to tell. Things have changed quite a lot since then, that’s for sure. Limos, after parties, hotel rooms – I don’t recall any of that. But, most shocking is that a ticket to the prom in my day cost maybe $50 per couple. My daughter just paid $165 for a single admission.

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