Losing A Few Every Year….

Beach Scenes

Belmar Fishing PierShortly after taking this shot I saw a post from Gregg Obst’s blog about a personal project he’s undertaken in which he wants to photograph all the remaining fishing piers in the Mid-Atlantic. I wonder if he’s been to this pier in Belmar?

Unlike the boardwalk, which got totally destroyed, this pier is damaged but still standing. It’s a spot I will be going to a bit this summer looking for the perfect perspective.

Has anyone else completed a personal photo project? Other than the 365 project I haven’t even given it a thought, maybe I should think more about one. So have you completed a project such as Gregg’s? If so, post a link to it in the comment section… yes I’m looking for some ideas!

Processing for this shot was pretty straight forward….

CaptureHave a great week!

5 thoughts on “Losing A Few Every Year….

  1. I started one for covered bridges and now I`m after train images. The key word is started LoL, I`ll have to get back to you if the word finished comes to light.

  2. I like the idea of doing a project like that but a subject has never jumped out at me. Greg Obst has some beautiful images on his site, including the pier images. Thanks for sharing that link.

    This image is really nice…beautiful light and movement in the water. Is this shot from before or after the hurricane damage?

  3. I still haven’t shot the Belmar Pier though I’ve driven by it twice going from the Ocean Grove Pier (now mostly gone thanks to Hurricane Sandy) and points further south. Both times there was too much surfer activity under the pier to get the shot I wanted. I plan on going back and shooting it over the Winter or early Spring depending on my schedule.

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