Well….Time May Be On My Side Again…


Two softball team seasons are over with only one other to go. What does this mean? More time to go out shooting. SWEET! Don’t get me wrong I do LOVE watching my kids but I also am inspired to shoot more lately. In fact, just last Friday I had the opportunity to shoot a Senior Prom here in NJ. Portrait and people shots are not my thing but I really enjoyed it! In fact I can’t wait to do it again. Many of the seniors were great to shoot, personalities made for the camera.

I had the intent to post 4 great pictures of my parents from that same day but I can’t find them…wth! In any event, I have this shot of my dad with some back lighting. I was recently reading about this light source and ready to give it a try……

SamsProm-479What do you think? I was confused which metering mode to use: spot, center weighted…. What would you suggest? I think it came out pretty well but I did have to dodge some of his face. And I actually got him to cooperate, thanks dad, you look great! Hopefully I’ll find those pix of both my mom and dad and post those soon.

I’m also excited to do more concert photography this Friday. My BIL band The Troubles, are playing in Asbury Park at the Wonder Bar to open up the shore season. If your interested pm me for tickets… Extra special since Sandy’s unwelcomed visit. Fired up about this!

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