Who Says Foolin’ Around Is A Bad Idea….


Adelphia ChurchI know the last few shots have been from this same location and I know I said that one of the last one’s was my favorite but now I have a new favorite and it’s all came about by fooling around. Let me explain….

My basic approach to this shot was bracketing for the purpose of a 3 shot hdr. After I got home and looked at the histograms I realized that the dynamic range wasn’t quite as wide as I thought. I still processed the last 2 posts with the 3  exposures  and am still happy with the results. Looking for something better and really just fooling around I decided to take the correct exposure, by itself, and process it HDR Efex Pro. I don’t even know what preset I picked but after I hit the preset the shot absolutely popped off the screen. Took the shot into Lightroom and reduced the single shot hdr noise and this is the result….. Quickly my new favorite.

Just wanted to thank everyone who commented on my last post. I was a bit tired and frustrated that day and I guess it showed in the post. I now understand that my hdr is a favorite of many of my viewers so that helps me with a clearer picture of the future of my blog. THANKS AGAIN!


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