Where’s This Blog Going….


untitled-168-Edit_HDR-EditDarren Rowse posted a thought that has got me thinking about my own blog. Lately I’ve been so busy that posting anything of substance has become virtually impossible. Viewership almost instantaneously drops as well as my commenting on others blogs. This pisses me off for a variety of reasons. Think I’ll be focusing on his post to get back on track

I wonder where this blog is going and I’m looking for your input as to your reasons for stopping by…. what brings you here? The photos, my commentary, the tutorials, my HDR? What would you like to see more of? I guess I have a few questions I have to ask of myself but would love to know your thoughts if your willing to share. Thanks!

This is one of my favorite HDR’s of late. I’ve been processing with HDR Efex Pro lately and really like the results. This one is spot on.

19 thoughts on “Where’s This Blog Going….

  1. Guru Mike I visit your blog daily for the HDR is astounding which you don’t need me to tell you! I unlike you though have no understanding for Black and White photos so Julie has tutored me to say nothing rather than ask questions about aims that may offend, Hence no comments on B&W or Lensbaby shots BUT I STILL VIEW THEM Carefully, even the blogs of people who never reciprocate Comment wise. I try to put humour into my comments (and on occasions I am successful – but not always) I to am searching for direction, and have almost settled on just journalizing what life throws up at me as there are too many specialists everywhere, so I will content myself with trying to be a Jack of All Photography Trades (Except B&W & Lensbaby) without trying to be a master of any particular one. One day I may even build up the courage to attempt Portaiture and hope I get close to the beautiful shots you have taken of your girls.

    1. Ron, thanks for the kind words! I guess people really like my HDR and that makes me happy. I’ll have to work on you with the B+W:)
      I always like your humor and I hope it shows in my comments and replies to you. I feel the same about portraiture, need to do more…problem is no ones out at 5-5:30 in the am:)

  2. I have been following your blog for what seems like forever now, and I will greatly miss it if you stop posting. That said, I have no room to talk because I have not posted to my own blog in many, many weeks now. I think I’m burned out. I’m so focused on the business side of my photography, that taking a photo for the blog seems like “work”, if that makes any sense. I do love your HDR photos…I have HDR envy to be honest. And your beach shots. O.M.G. your beach shots. And your portraits. You’re a very talented photographer and I just enjoy your photos. Any kind of photos. My blog originally started out as something for me, then as I got more followers, it became about taking pictures that would please the masses. Which of course pleased me, as well. I guess it’s a fine line, a balance to maintain. I’m a subscriber to your blog, and I’m not going anywhere. Hopefully every now and then, you’ll throw us a bone. 🙂

    1. Bonnie, yes burnout does seem to set in and putting the words on the blog is sometimes a pain in the a** as that’s not one my strengths. I appreciate your kind comments and spending your precious time to comment.

  3. Your HDR’s are some of the best around. I also usually learn something when I read your commentary. I would miss you greatly if you stopped blogging.

    I am in love with this one too!

    1. Thanks Tammy for your presence on my blog. You a one of the faithful followers and I appreciate your support. Hope to get to your blog more often…..

  4. I do enjoy visiting your blog for your fantastic HDR photography, the commentary, and the learning experience. What better way to learn the art of photography than by viewing fellow bloggers work.

  5. The last few months have been really busy for me too and I generally get through all the blogs and websites I follow once a week if I am lucky. I try to comment when I can but it is easy to slip into making inane comments when one is in a hurry and so sometimes I pass through someone’s site unnoticed, or just hit the Like button to say I have dropped by. Some sites I once visited but they didn’t really inspire me at all and I have stopped visiting them, others I really do enjoy seeing (as I do those who have commented before me here). Yours I enjoy.

    Although I did at first, I no longer get hung up on readership numbers. I have just looked while writing this and I get a lot more hits a day than I get comments. People tell me by other means (Facebook, email, face-to-face, at work etc) they have read it. I enjoy taking photos and I enjoy writing and the blog gives me motivation to do that. If one person wants to read what I have posted or gets something from a photo I have taken then that is great. If/when I no longer enjoy doing it, I’ll stop.

    Now, I am not a great HDR fan but I do like the results you get. I appreciate how difficult it is to get good results, and how easy it is to get bad and that you make the effort to help others is appreciated.

    1. Ivor, thanks for your truthful comments. I enjoy getting to your blog, when I can and I hope your will continue visiting mine.

  6. Hi MIke,

    What do I like about your blog? Well, mainly I like your images but I think that in itself isn’t enough to keep me coming back to any blog. I also like hearing about your thought process and techniques because those are things I might be able to carry over to my own work. And, I like an interesting narrative; hearing you describe the location of your shots and why you chose them is enjoyable to me. Another plus is that you seem to be able to engage your visitors beyond the two-word comments which makes me want to revisit your previous posts to see what kind of comments have been left.

    I’m constantly questioning whether I should be blogging at all. I’m glad you still find time and motivation to share your work with us. 🙂

    1. Thanks Julie, you know I appreciate your candid comments. Your comment is very informative and will help me with the future of this project. As always, thanks for everything!

  7. Amazing shot as always, Mike!
    I’ve been following your blog because I really like what I see here. Your HDR images are top notch, and I would love to see more of them, so please don’t stop.

  8. First, beautiful image!
    I like visiting your blog because your photos are both inspiring and soothing. I like your technique and your subject matter. The narrative is important too, though; I love a story. I find myself in the awkward position of now doing for a living what I once loved as a passionate hobby. Photography, blogging and design/layout. I’m not complaining; I love my work, but it drains away a lot of my free time creativity. Your blog reminds me that it’s still there, lurking, if I but look for it. Don’t stop what you do so well.

  9. You have always blown me away with all your HDR images Mike! Thanks to your TUTs I finally got the nerve to experiment. No threat on this end LoL. Talk about burn out, it took me 2 years to finish my first 365 challenge, and I`m sure Ron will confirm that I broke every rule out there in doing so. I take progress pictures every day on our construction site and sometimes it does feel like a chore to snap some blog shots. I signed up for the 52 challenge and think I can make it thru. It is always a treat to see our fellow bloggers visit and leave comments and it certainly makes my day. I need to improve on returning the favor and spending more time taking in the posts from everyone else. Keep up the good work!

  10. Mike, I haven’t been visiting blogs as much – I’m in kind of a blogging slump, too. But your blog is one of the few that I do visit. I love your photography and also that you share your processes and thoughts, too. Your blog is very engaging and I would miss it terribly if you stopped. For myself, I seem to be posting and engaging more on Facebook than through my blog. I’m still keeping my blog, but need to find a way to make it a more consistent experience for my readers. I start out fine, but fizzle after a few months of posting frequently.

    The fact that Google is discontinuing Google Reader is almost a show stopper for me in following blogs. I’ve tried Feedly, but don’t find it as user-friendly as Google Reader. I usually get to your blog through Google+ or Facebook where you are competing with lots of other posts for eye-time. And to see your photos from Facebook, I have to click through to your blog. I don’t often leave the Facebook interface, but I do for your photos. If you posted your photos directly to your Facebook page, I’m sure you would get a huge response. I understand that many photographers don’t like to post on Facebook, however.

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