One Of The Best…

Beach Scenes, Elsewhere


sandsculpture1In the world at sand sculptures. Yes, this is John Gowdy and he’s creating a masterpiece on the beach in Atlantic City. I stood a bit of a distance away as per the security guards directives. There was quite a scene as John created this masterpiece. Even with a clear line drawn in the sand people were getting much to close and disturbing John’s concentration.

You can see the detail that this concentration was able to produce in the next photo. Amazing!

AC-152I wanted to hang around to see the finished product but I was out exploring for quite some time and was getting pretty hungry from all the walking. One of the guards told me there was going to be a news crew and a magazine interview scheduled for later that afternoon.

AC-150I recommend clicking each photo to get a real good look at the details. You can also check out John’s website here.


5 thoughts on “One Of The Best…

  1. I love this series, Mike. Seeing this artist’s work really makes me think about how he stays motivated when his art is so temporary.

    I love the depth of field you used in the shots of the sculptures themselves. Mind saying what lens, focal length, and aperture you used?

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