Open To The Public…


Public...I’m not really sure what exactly this means as it was the only spot in the marina that I saw that was “open t the public”. There was also no visible access to the docks. This is probably the nicest spot in Atlantic City as the city itself is ugly and quite unsafe.

It’s been quite week as two parents have been to doctors and hospitals each day last week. Both outcomes have been successful, one much easier than the other. It’s amazing the strength in some people. It’s also quite amazing how much the human body can take. My respect goes out to these strong people.

Processing: 3 shot HDR tonemapped in Photomatix and finished in Lightroom.

4 thoughts on “Open To The Public…

  1. Pretty shot – I really like the even tones and the reflections.

    Sorry about the medical troubles but glad to hear the outcomes are good. It’s sure a reminder to appreciate our health every day.

  2. Good to hear of the strength of Human Spirit, Hard to figure the signs context but I love the dew drops or what ever that give it that splendid texture. It really draws your eye to the centre of the splendid backdrop!

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